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A sketch is a rough and light representation used to begin or as a skeleton of a painting. Sketches can be divided into 2: Pure Arts but its function can also be applied art.

The types of sketches in terms of penggarapannya divided into 3, namely:
Outline drawing is drawing simple shape lines without details and not finished.
A quick sketch is to use only a few lines to give an image to the finished sktesa.
The Citra study is a sketch in the form of quick strokes and in less detail (showing only global shapes only)

What are the elements of the builder in the sketch?
Fields and Shapes
Dark light

What are the sketch techniques?
There are many other techniques of sketching, as I will show this (these are the drawings of my sketch lho: D)
Technique Arsir
Is a shading technique using pure lines only.

Techniel technique
Is a sketch technique that is almost similar to the technique of hatching, but for the techniel technique this line looks vague because smoothed.

Tenik pointilis
 It is a sketching technique using a combination of dots into a form and producing the darkness of an object.
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