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 SkyScraper Legend : Monkey Spider 2.0

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Are you fan of the adventure ? this game is for you ! play the best jungle game
for free . th game introduce a lot of characters , multi-words and so many levels
also a lot of new features like buying power ups and buying weapons and clothes
for the characters. So be reasy to play and enjoy your time with the wonderul game
right now !

So the game is all about a Spiderman monkey jungle world . it's a big word hwo is full of
danger and challenge also adventure . you have to play , kill the enemies and defend
yourself as a powerful leader player using one of the pandemic characters .
try to do your best inorder to win the challenge . it's really so amazing to play that
game , and unlock all the features : unlock all the world , levels and al the
clothes and make the game so easy for you . Control the scene and master the gameplay
be leader and be smart like elsa and anna !

The Sea underwater rescue game is available too :
it's so amzing deep blue world
it's another world inside the sea : so many fishes and monsters there are so amazing .
you have to swim and defend yourself in the same time : it's so dangerous diving experience
vs the enemies and monsters , so many obstacles exist too you have to avoid them as
much as possible and kill using your weapon and arms the enemies and don't let someone
stoped you . It's your like a fishing game .

There is also a big desert world full of danger and adventure . you have to wn it
and be leader inorder to controll the scene . it's not like a pyramide world but
so lovely wolrd where a lot of deep volcano exist you should avoid them inorder to still
alive .

The snow world is so amzing too , So sweet sky and whitr earth . So lovely day
for you to show the snow power ups and mix them to transform into a powerful alien and a
leader player .

As we say there are too many hunters in the game like jocker :
* Spider Monkey
* Squirrel Monkey
* Vervet Monkey
* Monkey Species
* Proboscis Monkey
* Pygmy Marmoset
* Rhesus Macaque
* Common Marmoset
* Gibbon
* Golden Lion Tamarin
* Howler Monkey
* Spider Monkey
* Flying Monkey
* Monkey go happy in this game .

every characters here has his power and his characteristics , just collect enought
bannana coins and unlock there power and features in the ireland.

Banana monkey it's just a coins that the character can eat inorder to still powerful
and be able to continue and support the adventure .

Have you ever heared by elsa ? Yes it's not available in the game but we are working to make
it happen in that game as soon as possible . inorder to make a good adventure experience
between the snow world and the wonderful adventure of the monkey .

the characters have too many power ups to try : they can allow you to something
forign for al the creatures . really so many powers and things that you can do .
just collect enought banana coins and build any characters you had imagine .

The game include so many worlds :

* the deert world
* the jungle world
* the snow world
* the sea world
* the south pol world
* the volcano world and others .

The game include a lot of weapons and arms too that allow th characters to kill
the enemies and avoid obstacles such as :

* Shortswords.
* Swords.
* Knives and daggers.
* Blunt staves.
* Spears.
* Polearms with axe-like blades.
* Polearms with spikes and hammers.
* Spears and javelins.
* the gold hammer and others

The game includes too many colthes like a soldier . So collect enought coins and
build your own monkey character .

The game include also a lot of characters to play with : too many colors and too many
powers , just choose you favorite one and start playing and enjoying your time
for free .

How to play :

* Choose the character to play with .
* Choose the one of the world to start trying it's adventure .
* Unlock level after level .
* collect a lot o coins as you can , and buy the powerups , the cloths , the weapons , and the arms. thank you !
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