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Become a legendary fighter in the hit new FPS sage, Slaughter the Block Village. This intense running and shooting action adventure experience will leave you on the edge of your seat. Brilliant pixilated graphics stun with amazing graphics and breathtaking scenery. This game is an epic battle for dominance. It's an addictive action-shooting campaign that lets unleash your fury with the aid of varying melee and firearm weapons. Smooth and simple touch-pad controls allow you to easily fight, move, and choose between weapons and perks. Test your skills, plan your attacks, and reserve your shot to become the ultimate warrior.

★ ☆ Get Ready for Battle ★ ☆
Posters were taped to everything along the street, and it was only after the third that I actually noticed who was on them... me. Snatching up the paper from the vacant video store window, I peered at the face on the poster. It was undoubtedly my own. As covert as the mission was, there I was, photographed without my knowledge. And beside it, another of me in another guise, with yet another photo of me in everyday clothing. Alarmed, I glanced down at my attire-- and realized the picture was from today. Whipping around, I studied the street around me, using my experience as a tracker to locate the spy tracking me. I found him-- and narrowly missed being shot in the gut. Recoiling, I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of suspicious movement from the corner of my eye before another assailant was upon me. It seemed I had more than one attacker after me. In fact, as I dove for cover and for a weapon, it seemed the whole town was after me. As a successful hitman, you make enemies. I just didn't know how many I'd actually made...

★ ☆ Eliminate all Enemies ★ ☆
An enemy who is employed as a therapist has used hypnosis on is patients- embedding "trigger sentences" in their minds to create himself a personal army of assassins who are completely unaware of their new employment. these hired guns are now after you. It is your mission to slaughter each end every one of these targets in a deadly game of cat and mouse. When you begin this game, you will be unarmed. Locate any hidden weapon you can find and equip it. Once you are armed, start fighting foes and collecting perks to stay alive. Exploding barrels will be of use to you throughout the levels and will allow you to strategically take down enemies. Battle across three unique combat scenarios, each with their own 3D battlefield and unique challenges. Take control of this mission and dominate this world of high stakes deception.

-Hidden melee and firearm weapons
-Collect health and ammo as you progress
-Limited health and ammo selection
-Efficient weapon controls and movement
-Progressive play challenge
-Entity map for aerial view of oncoming enemies
-Interactive surrounding include exploding barrels
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