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 Sleep Debt Tracker 1.7.13

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This beautiful little app detects when you sleep without pressing a button!

It motivates you to get enough sleep, helps you understand your sleep debt and automatically calculates your bedtime for you.

You can even turn on highly obnoxious notifications to stop you watching YouTube until the wee hours of the morning.

This is perfect for students, shift workers, pilots, train drivers, truck drivers and the like. It's also great for casual users to see how much sleep you get without touching a button, much less buying an expensive fitness tracker!

PRO FEATURES (Unlock in app):
🔸 No ads
🔸 One of the coolest alarm widgets available with completely customizable colors!

◽ Automatic sleep detection. You don't need to press a button when you think you might go to sleep.
◽ Battery usage less than 1% per day
◽ You can automatically turn on Do Not Disturb while you're sleeping so your chat groups don't keep buzzing you awake
◽ Integrates with your phone alarm, and with most 3rd party alarm apps
◽ Uses motion, light and phone screen detection to estimate when you are sleeping or awake
◽ No radiation and no special phone placement necessary. It works in flight mode or even if you turn your phone off!

Thanks to DarkOps App and Firewatch game for my favourite wallpapers!
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