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 SlydeCalc - A Scientific Calculator 1.1

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SlydeCalc is Unique, Smart, Simple yet Effective.
Designed for Maximum Efficiency.
It is the Most Advanced Scientific Calculator.

* Unique Design.
* It is Designed to fulfil the requirement of having all functions on a single view.
* No need to Rotate the Device or Swipe to reach the Extra Functions.

No Equal:
* The Values you type are Dynamically Calculated without the need of an Equal Button.
* SlydeCalc is the First Scientific Calculator to Implement this Feature Completely.

* The Equation Field shows you the Values you've typed.

Smart Equation:
* No Need to Put a Multiplication Sign where its not required, as in Usual Equations we write on Sheet.
* No Matter how Complex Equation you Enter, the Answers are Calculated Instantaneously.

Smart Error Messages:
* If you did a Mistake, the SlydeCalc will Notify you by some Smart Short Messages.
* Try Dividing by Zero, or Ask for Negative Factorial and look at the Message.

Highest Precision:
* SlydeCalc can Provide a Decimal Precision of upto 20 Decimal Places.

SLYDE Feature:
* The Most Advanced Feature of this Calc is the Slyde Feature.
* Type the Equation and if you Want to Edit it, Just Slyde around to move the Cursor(Underscore) in the Equation Field.
* Add or Remove Something, from Anywhere.

Left Handed?
Don’t Worry, Coz The SlydeCalc can Help you Invert the View just with one Tap (Hand Image on Top Left Corner).

Feel There are Too Many Decimal Places?
Try Using the Fix Feature. It’ll Guide you to Fix the Answer to the Decimal Places you want.

Copy Equation:
* Tap on the Equation Field, and you’ll be Asked if you want to copy the Equation.
* It copies the Equation as well as the Answer with it.

Permutations and Combinations:
SlydeCalc is from the Very Few Calculators, which supports the Permutation and Combination Functions.

Change Angle Unit:
* Choose Between Radians or Degree with just one Tap.
* The Moment you Change the Angle Unit, your Answer will also be automatically Calculated for the selected Angle Unit.

Functions: The List of Functions SlydeCalc Provides:
* Plus, Minus, Multiply Divide, Power, Percent. ( + , - , x , ÷ , ^ , %).
* Sine, Cosine, Tangent and their Inverses.
* HyperBolic Sine, Cosine, Tangent and their Inverses.
* Permutation and Combitation.
* Log base 10, Natural Log.
* Factorial, Inverse, Square, Root and Exponential.

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