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 Smart Interval Trainer 1.2.0

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***This is NOT an ear training app***

Smart Interval Trainer will help you learn the intervals. When you're done you should be able to recall all the steps of the Major scale and surrounding notes in all keys at will. You'll be an interval expert.

Key Features:
- Learn all intervals in all keys
- "Smart" teaching watches your progress starting slow and building up as you learn
- Various modes: Full Auto (work through all intervals automatically), select an interval, select multiple intervals
- Tutorials for: Notes, The Major Scale, What's an Interval?, and a bonus tutorial
- Major Scale Explorer: Shows the Major Scale in all keys on a piano keyboard
- Interval Explorer: Shows all the intervals for each key
- Reminders: Set reminders for particular times to remind you to train

** Why is Smart Interval Trainer useful? **

A tremendous amount of music theory is based on the major scale. Building chords, building scales, determining "chord tones" while improvising, determining the quality of chords when harmonizing scales etc. Being able to access this information easily without effort will take your music knowlege to the next level.

For example:

Building Chords:

Chords are defined relative to the Major scale. The major chord is: 1 3 5. That is the Root, Major Third and Major Fifth of the Major scale. If you can recall those intervals immediately in all keys you can **build the major chord in all keys** effortlessly.

** But I don't know much music theory! **

Smart Interval Trainer has all that's required to get you up and running. You'll find tutorials on everything you need to get started training:
- Notes
- The Major Scale
- What's an Interval?

Plus there's a bonus tutorial that touches on a number of topics and shows you why knowing the intervals is so essential to mastering music.

** Why "Smart" Interval Trainer? **

Learning isn't always easy. There are a lot of intervals when you take all keys into consideration. The "Smart" in Smart Interval Trainer describes the teaching method. Smart Interval Trainer pays very close attention to how you're learning. It starts slow and as you start to learn it adds new information at your pace. It makes sure to review already learned information to ensure you've got it and adds more new information when the time is right.

In fact the most powerful feature of Smart Interval Trainer is "Full Auto Mode". You'll be lead through learning all the intervals. Each time you enter the training Smart Interval Trainer will remember what you've learned and make a plan on what to learn next.

There are also manual modes where you can chose a particular interval or interval combination to practice.

** I don't have much time for training **

Smart Interval Trainer is meant to be with you all the time. In a line somewhere... waiting on something... pull out your iPhone (iPod Touch, iPad Mini etc.) and train. You'll be right where you left off...even a short session is useful.. in fact many short sessions are likely better than cramming a lot in a longer session..

Start the journey to the next level of understanding music today with Smart Interval Trainer!!!
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