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 Smart Physics (Mechanics) 1.1

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The purpose of this application, in simple words and in a pleasant way, is to help understand basic concepts of Physics.
Internet use is required for its full operation.
He negotiates basic concepts of Mechanics.
The user has the following capabilities:
1) To read theory, formulated shortly and simply.
2) Observe physical phenomena and laws of physics through interactive simulations.
3) Test his / her knowledge and understanding of theory, through quiz questions.

The following sections are included:

Linear Motions
1. Relative motions
2. Path of motion
3. Time - Duration
4. Position
5. Displacement
6. Distance
7. Velocity
8. Smooth Linear Motion
9. Position - time graph in S.L.M
10. Velocity - time graph in S.L.M
11. Acceleration
12. Smooth Linear Accelerated motion
13. Position - time graph in S.L.A.M
14. Velocity - time graph in S.L.A.M
15. Acceleration - time graph in S.L.A.M

1. Collinear forces addition
2. Addition of Forces
3. Analisis of Forces
4. Balance of Coplanar Forces
5. Weight
6. Friction
7. Centripetal force

Newton's Laws
1. Inertia
2. Newton' s first Law
3. Newton' s second Law
4. Newton' s third Law

Curvilinear motions
1. Smooth circular motion
2. Horizontal shot

Collisions, momentum
1. Collisions
2. Momentum
3. Force and change of momentum
4. Principle of preservation of momentum

Work, energy and power
1. Work of constant force
2. Work of variable force
3. Transporting kinetic energy
4. Gravitational dynamic energy
5. Theorem of change of kinetic energy
6. Mechanic energy
7. Principle of maintaining mechanical energy
8. Power
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