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Thank you for downloading and installing Tagger v2.0. As promised last time, we are back with more features and an improved user interface. Here is a quick introduction to Tagger

Are you someone
Who uses your smart phone or tablet to capture pictures and videos frequently? 
Who uploads them to sites such as Facebook or web albums such as Picasa, OneDrive, Google Drive?
Shares them with your contacts?
Facing a difficulty in remembering which content has been shared to these sites? 
And hence not able to delete the uploaded ones when needed, and reclaim that precious space on your memory card as you are not sure which ones have been shared already and which ones have not?
If YES, then Tagger is for YOU!!
Tagger is a utility app for smart phones and tablets, which will show tags on media (pictures and videos) referring to the network to which you have shared and help in identifying them, giving you the confidence that your precious memories are stored safely, thereby helping in relinquishing precious space on your device
Features in Tagger Version 2.0:
Upload pictures to Facebook, Google Drive and OneDrive (single or bulk upload of multiple pictures/videos)
Tagging i.e., displaying logo on the media item once it is uploaded successfully with an image of the network to which it is uploaded.
Delete the pictures from the phone/tablet after they are uploaded (only if you want) in order to make space on the memory card
Select All, Deselect All images and Exit Tagger functionality
Along with the above, we have built another very interesting and helpful feature in Tagger v2.0
Tagger now allows you to create folders and save media in that folder until you explicitly change the folder
Select images/videos and move them from one folder to the other
Android version: 4.0 and above
Photo sharing apps (such as Facebook, OneDrive etc) should be pre-installed on the smartphone/tablet
Steps to use Tagger:
Launch Tagger from the phone's Apps group
Login to the media share app (Facebook/OneDrive/Google Drive)
Select the pictures/videos you want to share
Select the Share icon from Tagger's "Share" menu.
Select the network to which you want to share the media… And you are done!! 
You can now check that the pictures you uploaded to the network you selected
Tags are also displayed on the images on your device (This feature is undergoing some minor changes. Tags will appear as soon as it is done)
To verify that your media has been uploaded successfully, login to the network you selected above and check that the media you uploaded from your phone is available there. 
Optional - If you want to delete the media you have uploaded and make space for more, select the ones you want to delete and press the Delete button
Feedback & Comments: 
Please help us by submitting crash reports, comments and feedback by email to our contact mailbox. Also, please motivate us with a review in Android Market if you like our app. Thank you!!
Kindly be patient while waiting for a response. We’ll try to respond to all emails as soon as we can.
Would be great if you could talk, refer, share this app within your network :)
Contact us: 
To let us know your feedback or to suggest any feature improvements, please write to
Tagger is a utility app and does not have any control on the policies of destination networks (Facebook, OneDrive, Google Drive etc)
Please refer to the policies of the relevant networks while uploading any content
Advise user discretion before deleting any content from the phone 
Looking forward to your feedback and comments
Thank you!!
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