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 Smart Unit Converter Pro - High Precision & Pure 2.3

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Almost NO "Permissions" is required at all. And its package size is ONLY 0.08 MB.

Have you seen a such Pure & Lightweight utility app ever before?
This app respects your privacy, devices, and your time. It is Ad-free and clean.

What's more, Accurate & Maximum Precision is another key feature of the converter app.

The exact converter app is for Android-based tablets or phones with a big display(x >=480px & y >=725px).

1. The app is very very lightweight as its installation package is so small as ONLY 78 KB, i.e. 0.08 MB.
Very few unit converter apps are more lightweight than this one.

2. This full-featured app supports up to 106 units of measurement such as pounds(lb), ounce(oz av,oz t,oz ap), g, kg, tonne, short ton, long ton, gallon(US gal,UK gal,US dry gal), fluid ounce(fl. oz, US or UK), tablespoon, teaspoon, milliliter, liter, cu. ft, cu. m, acre, sq. yd, sq. ft, sq. in, are, ha, sq. km, sq. m, km, n mi, mi, m, cm, yd, ft, in, rod, .....

3. Also supports special conversions for foot/inch and pound/ounce:
conversions between "foot/ft + inch/in" and commonly-used metric units,
conversions from inch fraction or foot fraction to metric units,
conversions between "pound/lb + ounce/oz" and kilogram/kg.

4. Any unit conversion result is exact and high precision. This results from the fact that the utility app is in full compliance with authoritative definitions of every involved units. Check the app screenshots, please.

5. The converter app is Ad-free and pure, without any advertising annoyance. You may enjoy a faster, cleaner experience.

6. In fact, with respecting to users' privacy, this app is Safe and Reliable enough because there is almost NOT ANY "Application Permissions" required at all.
You can perform unit conversions with this utility app anywhere even if your device has no internet connection.

7. The accurate utility app just focuses on the basic unit categories: Length, Area, Volume/Capacity, Weight, and Temperature. Every unit can be converted to each others in the same category. The app is expected to help those who need high precision conversions between the Imperial or US customary system and the Metric system for those basic units of measurement.

Total of units supported: Length - 16, Area - 19, Volume/Capacity - 44, Weight - 24, Temperature - 3.

8. More app screenshots at Google Photos:

9. Perhaps you would like to download and try the full-free edition, Smart Unit Converter Free, in advance.
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