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Smartontek is a system control client software owned electrical remote control, monitoring environmental quality and real-time security protection.It can easily control the devices joined in the zigbee network of smartgateway.The main features of the system is security alarm, video monitor, visual intercom, device control, scene control, timing control and environmental testing.

1.Security alarm:When you receive a warning message security device can intelligently linked to other device.Security device includes: infrared detection, smoke detection, combustible gas detection, door sensors, etc.

2.Video monitor:Provide remote video monitoring, and you can control the devices while viewing video images.

3.Device control:This function can control all devices in the home, you can quickly find the device by switching floors and rooms.

4.Scene control:You can perform a series of actions the default, as long as you choose a scene mode, you can execute pre-set sequence of actions.

5.Environmental testing:Real-time monitoring of changes in the home environment, such as: temperature, humidity, light, air quality, etc.

Smartontek make life easier, intelligent, more exciting waiting for you to experience!
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