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Determine in seconds if the item you are about to buy is genuine or counterfeit. Keep yourself safe and keep criminals from getting their payout. SmartSure authenticates InkSure-tagged holograms in seconds with one click.

SmartSure works by authenticating the presence of InkSure's taggants in holograms. Upon scanning the hologram, the app authenticates the hologram based on the presence of the taggant. InkSure's taggants are implemented into tens of billions of high value items and documents annually around the world. InkSure-tagged holograms can be found on customer goods, currency, tax stamps and many other kinds of items.


• Instant yes/no authentication.
• Degree guide to help position the phone for sampling.
• High indication anti-counterfeiting.

Authenticate an InkSure tagged hologram in five simple steps:

Step 1: Lay the hologram on a flat surface.

Step 2: Position the viewfinder over the hologram you wish to sample.

Step 3: Tilt the phone to an angle between 40 - 90 degrees to the surface of the hologram. Use the degree guide in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to help you.

Step 4: Press the capture button.

Step 5: A result will be displayed.

• A green √ means the item is genuine.
• A red X means the item is counterfeit.
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