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Are you in habit of forgetting your phone at college, university, or home? Do you feel bad where your phone should be silent but it rings at wrong hours? We are giving you an amazing mobile application, SMS Phone finder- Ringer Mode changer, through which you can change the ringing modes of your phone by sending an SMS from another phone.

It is the best rescue option for you to control ringing modes of your phone when it's not in your reach. You can also find your mobile if you are not able to find it and its on silent mode. The features of app Sound great, isn’t it?

Let’s have a quick look at the functionalities of the app and find out the answer to the question, “Why one should go for SMS Phone finder- Ringer Mode Changer App?”

• Get your lost phone by tracking it through other devices!

“Oh my God! Where have I kept my phone. Somebody, please help me find my phone! But it's on silent mode!”. Most of us quite often come across such situations when we forget that where have we put our cell phones. Don’t worry, we have got an awesome solution for you!

If your phone gets misplaced and it's on silent mode, making it difficult for your track, then using the specific code that you have assigned, send that code from another phone to your mobile and this app will automatically un-silent your mobile phone. You can make calls and track your phone instantly. This is so far the best Cell Phone tracker app.

• You can bring your phone to silent mode from other devices

Imagine you are in a meeting, your phone is out of your reach, it's in general mode and you are expecting some calls. In this scenario, your focus would be less on meeting agenda and the fear that your phone might ring will haunt you more. Or let’s imagine you are at a worship place or at another place where cell phones must be kept silent and you forget doing that job. What can be there to rescue you at such moments?

The answer is “SMS Phone finder- Ringer Mode Changer App”. Simply send the assigned keyword through a text message from another phone to your cell phone and the app will automatically bring your phone to silent mode. It is how you get relief in your stressful hours.

• Using power of SMS to control your phone modes from other devices

An SMS from another mobile phone can let you control your phone ringing modes. You can silent, un-silent, and get your phone on vibration mode quite easily. This amazing, SMS Phone finder- Ringer Mode changer app has made the life of phone users much easier.

• Highly secure and most needed App

SMS Phone finder- Ringer Mode changer app is highly secure and most needed app by students and professionals across the world in all countries. You assign your own keywords to bring your phone to silent mode, ringer mode, and vibration mode.

How can you get started with this App?

You simply need to go through a simple process to benefit from this app.

• Download SMS Phone finder- Ringer Mode Changer App from Play Store.
• Install it on your cell phones.
• Open the App in your phone and insert keywords for different ringer modes, i.e. Insert a keyword for general mode, insert a keyword for vibration mode, and finally insert a keyword for silent mode.
• Your keyword must comprise of maximum 10 alphabets or digits.
• After assigning keywords, select Activate option in your App to get started.
• Now you are all set to send these keywords from other devices to your phone via SMS and change ringer modes according to your moods.
• Keep your account active to have it workable
• You also have deactivated option to stop the working of Application.

How does it work?
Its working is simple and interesting. You simply assign keywords of your choice to different ringer modes. These keywords will let you change your ringer modes from other devices through SMS.

Install this super amazing App in your phones and get started with controlling your phone from other devices via single text message.
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