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 Softy Calculator Free 34.0

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• The buttons expressed a soft feel.
• Simple yet smart design.
• It is a free calculator application.

•Built-in functions for saving your calculation history, and memo pad
Save your calculation history and view past equations at any time.
You can save what you have entered even after exiting the app.
You can freely edit, copy, paste, and erase your calculation history.
As you can also freely edit, and enter text on the calculation history screen, it may also be used to take notes.

•This app does not fall short when compared to Calculator Plus, or other classic apps with practical-use functions.
You can use it with confidence in not only business or at work, but also in studying for tests and other kinds of learning.

•There is no limit to how many numbers can be entered and shown.
Utilizing screen optimization technology, very large numbers can be input and calculated.

•Calculator manual available
You can view a manual which shows how to use practical mathematical expressions with calculator functions like memory, constant calculations, exponents, etc.

• Advanced mode installation (three convenient additional functions)

① Calculator manual
Memory constant calculations You can view manuals that show how to use calculator functions such as exponentiation.

② useful formulas, practical formulas
You can browse 99 mathematical expressions useful for business, daily life, technical work, sports etc.
If you enter further numbers you can tell the value of that formula on the spot.

③ Unit converter
Weight, Distance, Area, Capacity, Temperature, Speed, Power, Pressure, Work, Output, Angle, Heat Amount, Radiation
Equipped with unit conversion function of magnetic force, unit conversion is possible by inputting a number.

• Function List
•% (Percent) calculations ( ×% ÷% -% +% ) can be used in consumption tax calculations.
•Constant calculations ( × ÷ - + ) Press the Operator button twice
•Exponents, press the x button twice Example: 5 xx = 25 
•Built-in memory function
•Memory key (M+, M-)
•00-key (for hundreds)
•Backspace (→) key
•+/- (sign change) key

•Other Functions
Built-in Menu feature
Sound can be turned ON or OFF
Vibration can be turned ON or OFF

Soft calculator is recommended for people like this one!

wants a smart calculator for free
want an app that feels premium
Those who use calculators in business or business
Calculation of% (percent) makes it easy to calculate consumption tax.
00 want a calculator that can be used
Person who wants calculator with calculation history remaining
wants calculator with notepad function
wants a calculator that can calculate large digits
wants simple and stylish calculator app
want a fun calculator for free use
want a calculator that sounds

※ This is not a scientific calculator.
※ This is not an calculator hide app.
※ This is not a calculator vault.
※ This does not lock the calculator application.

You were probably using a difficult-to-operate function calculator. Your friend was probably using the seemingly-convenient "Calculator Hide App" and "Calculator Vault." But, wait a minute. This Pure Gold Calculator definitely doesn't seem to be compatible with those. However, the unique UI and user-friendliness will leave you unable to ignore it. It certainly lacks features like the loan calculator and the car calculator. However, with a little creativity those calculations can be performed as well. Since it has the convenient Calculation History available, getting used to the app's functionality allows you to perform very complicated calculations with ease. Just get a little used to it, and you will be able to perform calculations like those in tax calculator and payment calculator.
Of course, there are some unfortunate parts to this. That is to say, this isn't "Calculator for Android Wear" or "Calculator for Widget." It also is not "Lock the Calculator Application."
Still, this Pure Gold Calculator can be used to enjoyably perform a full array calculations in a hands-on way.
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