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This is a classic stand-alone plane shooting game

At present, the game has 5 kinds of game modes:

1, NORMAL mode:
The enemy will not stop, at the beginning of the enemy and will not take the initiative to attack the player. After a certain time, the enemy will be active towards the player's ships fired artillery shells, with increasing time, enemy types of bullets, number of attacks will change (also in this model, every 75 seconds will emerge from the top of the screen a diamond).

2, LEVEL mode;
Currently there are a total of 12 levels, each level by a different boss waiting for you to defeat and their blood, attack each are not identical, kill them, can obtain the reward task reward.

3, endless mode:
In this mode, each over a period of time, there will be a BOSS, with the passage of time, the emergence of the BOSS will become more powerful, the player's technical requirements will be higher.

4, hell mode
In this mode, BOSS will quickly move, and the use of more than 10 kinds of attacks ways to attack players, at the same time, the BOSS fire cannonball density will be significantly increased. Players only need to ensure that the ship itself center volume is very small energy core without being hit, player main gun hit the boss will produce gold coins, the very suitable for eager to challenge the God class player go to play.

5,Leisure Mode
Simple casual mode of the game. Players pick up the sprint props, will use an invincible sprint skills, fast break through the enemy's line of Defense.

At present, the player can choose 5 different types of aircraft to fight.

1, the initial warships: ordinary warships,firing 1 cannonball at the same time.

2,Lightning warship:High level warship,firing 2 cannonball at the same time.

3, invincible warships: the shield of the skills of the fighter, firing 3 cannonball at the same time.

4, the eternal warship: with the resurrection of the resurrection of the skills, firing 3 cannonball at the same time.

5, God's warships: at the same time with the shield and resurrection skills, firing 5 cannonball at the same time.

Each warship's artillery fire is currently the highest level of 50, players can upgrade the level of light guns, to prompt the power, so that it is easier to play the aircraft.

Currently has three powerful wingman for players to choose from, at the same time, players can use the 'capture the enemy' skills, in a certain period of time, and dispatched five aircraft to battle.

In the game, there are a dozen different enemy, each enemy aircraft and a variety of attack patterns and changes with the time change.

At present, the game, the player can have up to 6 kinds of skills or props:

Shock wave:
Each player to collect 100 gold coins, will be able to have a chance of a shock wave emission, can give the enemy continued and huge amount of damage.

Trap the enemy skill:
Players can capture most frame 2 enemy, let them within the scope of certain time fight for you, the skills and can use in conjunction with the player's wingman, that is to say, in the scope of a certain period of time, the player can also play 5 aircraft to fight, this is the same type of game, there has never been a phenomenon.

Nuclear bomb:
After use, remove all enemy units (including the shells fired by the BOSS) in the screen.

Restore props:
After use, instantly restore 50% health game player.

UI design of the game is used to stimulate the human eye the smallest green, can effectively alleviate the long-term visual fatigue caused by playing games.

If you think it's pretty good, try to download and play it!
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