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 Special Expression Calculator 4.0.5

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★Scientific calculator for engineers and mathematicians.

* Intuitive input and editing.
* Saving expressions.
* On editor, you can use select, copy, cut, paste for expressions.
* Pinch-To-Zoom
* Copy answer.
* Showing result as decimal or fraction.
* Undo and redo.
* Choosing font.

* Functions Graphic.
* Calculation of mixed, improper fraction and recurring decimal (repeating decimal).
* Fraction to decimal, Decimal to fraction
 * Operations with matrices, vectors and complex numbers.
 * Trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, ctan.
 - The calculation of trigonometric functions in degrees and radians. Use symbol ° for degrees, symbol ' for minute, symbol '' for second.
 * Inverse trigonometric functions: asin, acos, atan, actan.
 * Secant (sec), Cosecant (csc).
 * Logarithms: ln, lg, log
 - Ln: natural logarithm.
 - Lg: common logarithm.
 * Constants: π, e
 * Hyperbolic functions: sh, ch, th, cth
 * The square root √, the root of n-th degree ⁿ√, Module | a |, Signum (sign), exponentiation aⁿ.
 * Combination, Arrangement, Factorial (!)
 * The sum and product elements of the sequence: Σ, П .
 * Brackets: ( ) [ ] { }
* Base conversion of numbers and operations with different base (binary, ternary, quintal, octal, hexadecimal, decimal, base n).
* Calculations of limit, definite integral.
* Percent (%)
* Least (Lowest) Common Multiple (LCM) for fraction and integer numbers
* Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) for fraction and integer numbers
* Matrices determinant, rang, inverse, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
* Complex numbers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

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