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 Spectrojam 1.1.1

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Spectrojam listens to your microphone and turns the sound it hears into colors and shapes on your screen. If you speak, for example, you will see the individual frequencies emitted by your voice. If you whistle, you will see shapes and colors move and change on the screen in perfect sync with your tune. You will be amazed to see the frequency composition of the sounds in your everyday life. Each noise has a unique signature, and now you can see it all like never before!

The app is free, with intermittent ad interruptions. You may remove all ads and interruptions by upgrading to a Pro version. The Pro versions (Basic and Premium) also include a color modulator which produces stunning visuals by cycling smoothly between your favorite colors.

The Premium version includes a musical note display, which translates the sounds into musical notes. This allows anyone to sing a perfect "A," without even hearing a reference note. Spectrojam can display up to 3 musical notes at the same time, allowing you to pick apart chords and harmonies. It works great with the human voice and musical instruments. The Premium version also includes a high-resolution spectrogram displaying up to 8,192 individual frequencies for extremely high precision and maximum clarity.
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