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Spellaword introduces a variety of objects and words from domestic and international perspectives.
The game presents a fun-filled, intellectual way challenge oneself with general information about people, places and things, worldwide.

The objective of Spellaword is to engage the player with brief object identification activities, which challenge the player’s ability to recognize the objects and recall their names. The player selects letters from a set of 8 jumbled letters provided in order to spell the name of the object.


Game Steps
The player is instructed to touch the Get Objects button to start the game. Spellaword presents a random set of 3 images to the player. The player is instructed to touch any of the three images to continue. On touching an image, 8 jumbled letters, including the letters representing the name of the image, are presented on screen. The challenge to the player is to select the correct letters from the jumbled letters, to correctly spell the name of the object selected.

As the player selects the letters, they appear in the area provided to form the word, on screen. If the letters selected do not reflect the correct word, audible negative feedback is automatically provided to the player, with online instructions to try again. If the letters selected reflect the correct word, positive audible feedback is automatically provided to the player and the name of the object is immediately displayed below the picture.

To satisfy the objective of the game, the player must follow the instructions and provide correct answers for all three images. The player repeats these steps for all three pictures in each game. The game ends after the third image is correctly identified and spelled. The application gives well-deserved applause to the player and suggests the player continues to play another game.

Button: [Get Objects]
The [Get Objects] button is located on the top level of the page and provides a random set of three (3) images each time it is pressed by the player. It also provides a brief description for the theme of the set of pictures.

The Game Images
The player must touch a picture to play the game. When a picture is touched, eight jumbled letters, including the letters for the name of the object, are displayed to the player. All 3 images must be touched to complete a game.

Buttons: [Letters]
The player must touch the letter buttons to select the letters in order to form the word identifying the most recent image touched. The word formed is displayed below the 8 jumbled letters, as they are selected.

Button: [Clear Answer]
The player may touch the button [Clear Answer] to erase the letters selected if the player believes the incorrect letters are selected.

Button: [Instructions]
The player may touch the [Instructions] button to receive brief steps on how to play the game.

Button: [Peek]
The player may touch the [Peek] button if the player cannot guess the answer and wishes to see it before-hand.

There is no limit to the amount of time the player may enjoy the activity. However, each game ends when the player receives applause on entering the names of all three pictures correctly.

Please enjoy your Spellaword game!

- Randomly presented Spellaword images and clues provide continuous fun and learning
- Intuitive game, easy to understand and play may provide some educational benefit to players
- On-screen instructions guide you through each step as you enjoy the ‘spell a word’ activities
- The player may continuously play random games to reinforce learning and information discovery
- Colorful, interesting images complemented by brief, insightful and educational snippets

Grab your own Spellaword application for the iPad available at the App Store Now!
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