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💋‍😍👄 ”PARTY GAMES” TIME! 👄😍💋‍ Are you looking for fun “kissing games” to play with your friends? Download 💋‍ Spin the Bottle Kissing Games 💋‍ and you'll have a blast! “Spin the bottle” to play cool kissing “teenage games” at your party. If you like “social games” such as “truth or dare” and “spin the wheel”, then you're going to love this “bottle game”. Our “house party app” for “group games” is amazing! 👄 “Fun party games” on custom “moving wallpaper” will make your parties hot! So try our “kiss app” and enjoy playing kissing “spin games”! 👄

💘 Steal a kiss from your secret crush with our “party app” for “teenage party games”! “Real kissing games” are a great way to find out if you've got a chance! Try our fun kissing “games for girls” and boys! 💘

‍‍ 👄💋💋💕😘😘💘💜💖💜💘😘😘💕💋💋‍👄

How to install your “wallpaper games”:

Home – Menu – Wallpapers – “Live Wallpapers” – 💋‍ Spin the Bottle Kissing Games 💋‍.

How to “play kiss” “bottle spin” game:

👄 Choose a “spinner game” wallpaper with two or more different kissing actions;
👄 Number of players: Minimum four is best.
👄 Form a circle with your friends and place your device in the center;
👄 Swipe left or right to make the bottle spin;
👄 Swipe once to get instructions; Swipe again to see whom to kiss;
👄 Will it be a “lip kiss” or “French kissing”? Express your creativity and think of new ways to play!


😘 Choose predefined “cool wallpapers” and “bottle images” to make your own “home screen wallpaper”;
😘 Select “wallpaper design” with two or more kissing instructions sections;
😘 Easy-to-use: just tap once to preview the “wallpaper images” and hold to set background wallpaper;
😘 Compatible with 99% smartphone and tablet devices;
😘 Landscape mode and home screen switching are fully supported;
😘 Optimized battery usage.
Do you like our “background app”? Please rate 💋‍ Spin the Bottle Kissing Games 💋‍ and leave a comment below if you do!


To kiss or not to kiss? That is the question! Spin the bottle and find out the answer! This is one of the best “party game apps”. It is a “random spinner” simulator for playing spin the bottle game. Now you don't have to search for a bottle or something else to spin! Just use your “wallpaper app”! If you like “love games” and “kissing test” games, then you are going to love our “kiss me” app!

💋‍😍👄 Impress everyone with an awesome wallpaper and have fun smooching with all your friends! Install 💋‍ Spin the Bottle Kissing Games 💋‍ and party on! 👄😍💋‍

You and your friends are at a party that's a real snoozefest, and needs a little pick-me-up! An impromptu party game with your “cool wallpapers” will save the day. Decorate your phone with “free live wallpapers” and play flirty games 'till the break of dawn! Choose a bottle to match with a cool “wallpaper background” and design your very own “spin bottle” wallpaper. This “spin the bottle app” will help you get some “kiss practice” to learn “how to kiss” the “French kiss” with your crush!

💋‍😍👄 Here's a perfect opportunity for you to see if your crush is interested in you! Download 💋‍ Spin the Bottle Kissing Games 💋‍ and dazzle him or her with your kissing skills! 👄😍💋‍

If you are looking for a combination of spin the bottle, the spinning wheel, the decision wheel and kiss me games, have we got a surprise for you! You can also use it to play “dare games”! Just use the kissing instructions as 'dare' tasks! Try this modern take on spin the bottle and throw the coolest party in the neighborhood!
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