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These games are provided in English and in Spanish, with the touch of a button.
SplashGame presents a fun-filled, intellectual way to immerse oneself in the English and Spanish languages through mini-puzzles and games. Audio-visual interaction includes everyday objects and clear pronunciations of related words and phrases articulated by native English and Spanish speakers.

The objective of SplashGame is to engage the player with brief object identification exercises, while introducing words and phrases to the player in English and Spanish. The player can choose in which language he or she wishes to play from the home page.

From the home page, the player may touch the button [English Game] to enjoy the activities from an English-to-Spanish perspective, or touch the [Spanish Game] button to play from a Spanish-to-English perspective.

Game Steps
On selecting the English Game, a random set of 3 images is presented to the player. The player is instructed to touch any of the three images. On touching an image, the name of the image or a phrase describing the image is articulated clearly in English. The name of the image will also appear in English in the black game square. The player is instructed to write the name of the image in Spanish using the keyboard, and then touch the [Verify] button to submit the answer. If the answer given by the player is correct, the word will appear in Spanish in the game square and a short phrase will appear in Spanish below the image. If the answer is not correct, the player will be instructed to try again.

The player must follow the instructions to provide correct answers for all three images. The game ends after the third image is identified correctly, with appropriate congratulations given to the player.

The [Random Game] button located on the top level of the page provides a random set of three (3) images each time it is pressed.

Three Game Images: The player must touch a picture to play the game. An audible pronunciation describes the image and the English name of the image is placed into the black game box below. A descriptive sub-title in English is presented below each picture touched.

[Pronounce] The player may click this button to hear the pronunciation of the word or phrase in English, which describes the most recent image touched.

[View Answer] The player may click this button to see the Spanish word, which represents the correct translation for the English word for the image last touched.

[Answer Box] The player must touch the text box to activate the keyboard. Once the keyboard is displayed, the player selects the letters to form the Spanish word for the image touched. The word appears in the white text box .

[Verify] The player must touch this button after writing the word in Spanish in the Answer Box. If the Spanish word is correct, it will be placed in the black game box along with the English word.

There is no limit to the amount of time the player may enjoy the activity. However, each game ends when the player receives congratulations for entering all three picture names correctly.

Please enjoy your SplashGame game!

Player can switch between the English and Spanish versions at the touch of a button
Randomly presented Splash games with 3 images, provide continuous fun and learning
Intuitive game, easy to understand and play may provide educational benefit to players
On-screen instructions guide you through each step as you enjoy the bilingual activities
You may continuously play random games to reinforce learning and retention of new words
Clear pronunciation of words and phrases articulated by native Spanish and English speakers
Colorful, everyday images complemented by Spanish and English words and short phrases

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