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Spoken English in 7 days is an android application that will help you to talk to English in the easiest way just within 7 days. In today's world wherever you go, you will need to speak in English. It is the most used language all over the world. For a better life, for getting a smart job, English is a must. We have sort out the common problems a spoken English beginner face, then discussed about those in this application.

Sections included here –
1) Several use of how, use of how in present, past and future indefinite tense.
2) Several use of what, use of what in future indefinite tense.
3) Use of to have verb.
4) Use of to be verb in present and past form.
5) Use of introductory there and introductory it.
6) Modal auxiliary.
7) Use of pseudo modal.
8) Use of can, need, dare, used to.
9) Use of be likely to.
10) Use of conditional sentences.
11) Use of taste, feel, seem.
12) Use of had better/would rather.
13) Use of get.
14) Tag question.
15) Causative verb.
16) Proverbs and wise words.
17) Ornamental sentence.
18) Interviews.
19) Dialogues.
20) Rearrangement.

At first we have explained these terms, then we give the structure of making sentences. Last we give the different type of examples from our daily life. Examples sections were made for normal, negative, interrogative and interrogative negative form of verb. Learners need to practice from this application on a daily basis. Then he/she will definitely speak English fluently.
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