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It's time to enjoy our Star Stereo radio online for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, December Tropical Music of Colombia that takes us to another mood, Music to dance and sing like: music Christmas, Carols, Porros, Bagpipes, Tropical Music, Music for Children, Christmas Music in English, Music Decembrina Parrandera, Cumbia And Much More ...
Estrella Estéreo is the most listened music system in Colombia and the whole country. Download our application for free on your tablet or mobile so you can enjoy our FM / AM Stereo Star App for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Estrella Estéreo gives you the opportunity to enjoy everything that is sung and what is danced in all musical genres, request the new from your favorite artists and participate in the Christmas contest for marranadas and Christmas home items. It's time to party dance and enjoy all the tropical music and dance 24 hours a day, from Colombia to the world.
Most Representative Artists: Pastor Lopez, Rodolfo Aicardi, Gustavo Quintero, Nelson Henríquez, Víctor Piñeros, Luis Felipe González, Cheo García, Emir Boscan, The André Family, Daikirí, Jairo Paternina, Calixto Ochoa, Alcides Diaz, Joe Arroyo, Juan Carlos Coronel , Armando Hernández, Hernán Hernández, Gabriel Romero, Adolfo Echeverría, Edmundo Arias, Wilson Choperena, Pacho Galán, Lucho Argain, Joaquín Bedoya, Octavio Mesa, Pérez Prado, Noel Petro, Guillermo Buitrago, Tony Camargo, Néstor Savarce, Horacio Grisales, Aníbal Velásquez, Matilde Díaz.

If you are looking especially for a station to enjoy and enjoy your free time we advise you: Estrella Estero 104.3 is a station with a variety of musical genres that satisfy you in every sense as, music Parrandera, Salsa, Merengue, Vallenato, Christmas, porros, Cumbia, Tropical, Ranchera Etc. In this free online station 24 hours a day you can be informed about your favorite Artists, news, concerts, releases, and groups through this radio you can enjoy with their melodies stories and jokes that express Air live and direct, if you have a family friend or friendship abroad this station gives you the opportunity to give you a greeting or a message of happy new year totally free, you can also communicate and ask for your favorite songs of pachanga , danceable, merengue, tropical, parrandera, and rumbera you can find the contact on the internet totally free here has it all without any cost or one enjoys the most.
December Songs Most Listened: La Saporrita, La Sirena, Golden, Caramel mouth, Tobacco and rum, The freckled, Jealousy, Whirlwinds, Two women, Guayabo de la Y, I missed the chain, The soft, Juanito Preguntón, The Ballón de Madrid, Amparito, Carmenza, The sabanales, The burrita, The yerbita, The matica, The six sandblasting, The green ribbon, Dawning, Schoolgirl, The caleñas, Traicionera, The colored pollera, The powder, Baracunatana, Tolu, Atlantic , The ruined, Luz Dary, Give me your wife José, Five for twelve, The old year, Night of peace, New year, The conductor, Maria Teresa, Christmas bonus, Christmas for the poor, Another year, The absent one, The Toast of the bohemian, Vagabond scream, New year's eve, Women do not like me, Tuta's son, The aguardientero, I do not compose myself, Carmen de Bolívar, the burrito sabanero.
Representative orchestras are: Lucho Bermúdez Orchestra, Billos, Melodicos, Corraleros de Magajual, The Beach, Hispanics, Los Graduados, Los Éxitos, Black Star, Golden Boys, Sonora Dynamite, Afrosound, Los Isleños, Los Monjes, Los Cariñosos, Los Wawanco , Manduco, Los Chipuco, Nelson and his Stars, Combo Palacio, Latin Brothers, Tupamaros, Ivan and his Bam BAM, the 50 of Joselito.

Merry Christmas And Prospero New Year Wishes You Murzapp! Enjoy our Free APP
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