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“Stock Watch”, experience the Real-Time share market information with basic information for beginners and a unique Mock Trading feature at your fingertips.

“Stock Watch” app is designed to provide necessary overall information about the two most important stock exchanges of India, i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). This is a real-time and all-in-one app containing many features that a new entrant to share market, as well as experienced investors, would need.

This app is divided into 3 major modules as described below.

1) About Share Market :
Are you new to share market concepts? Don’t worry, this module is specially designed for the new learners of the stock market, and provides all the basic information of stock market.

➯ For easy understanding, this module is divided into four sub-modules i.e. Stock Basics, Equity, Derivatives, and Mutual Funds.
➯ The relevant topic material for each of the submodule is meticulously arranged in relevant chapters.
➯ The intricacies are explained in a very simple language and are easy to understand by all.
➯ Charts are used at appropriate places, for better and easy grasp of the topic.

2) Market Watch :
Through this module, you can follow two most important stock exchanges of India, i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). You can follow all the listed companies in these two exchanges for their intraday performance. The salient features of this module are :

➯ Stock quotes are automatically updated every 10 seconds, which ensure the fastest quotes, and helps you to be in harmony with the intraday indices of Indian markets.
➯ Easy switching between BSE and NSE for a particular company’s stock quote.
➯ All major information of a particular quote is available at a glance.
➯ A graph is provided for the better grasp of the intraday performance of a particular
➯ The “stock news” feature takes you directly to the Google Finance, so as to provide you with the latest news for a particular quote.

3) Mock Trading :
This module provides a unique experience of virtual share market trading with real-time share market data for all the listed companies in BSE & NSE. As “Mock Trading” uses real markets and their data on real-time bases, with periodical updating, this module is very useful for new learners, for getting a feel of the share market to take their first steps in the world of stock investment, without taking the risks of actual monetary investments.
This module is helpful for both new and experienced, investors. New learners of share market can try out the real-time market trading without investing real money. Experienced investors can use this module to devise a strategy that works best for them.
Regardless of your experience with the market, if you have gut-feeling about certain stocks, but are too apprehensive to invest real money, then try it out here and test out your instincts. (This module is for mock trading only. Real money trading is not provided in this app)

Some sections of this app link to the Google Finance websites. We do not claim any rights to the content provided on those sites. All content provided by the listed companies and owner of the websites.

Data Source: Google Finance
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