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This app is android version of my Kindle eBook (Stop Procrastination: 33 Anti-Procrastination Habits To Stop Being Lazy And Earn Back Your 1095 Hours A Year)

The act of putting off important things which should be done now is known as procrastination. And a person who delays or postpones important things is called a Procrastinator.

It is avoidance of doing a task that needs to be completed. It is the practice of replacing your more urgent tasks with less urgent ones, thus putting off tasks at hand to a later time. In some cases, procrastination continues until the "last minute" before a cut-off date.The Procrastination can affect all areas of life like putting off cleaning the stove, submitting a job report or academic assignment, seeing a doctor or dentist, or broaching a stressful issue with a partner.

Do you remember yourself thinking while you have to do an urgent task, I will do it later or there is enough time still or I have my own priorities? The truth is if you manage to complete your urgent tasks in given time, you will feel happier. But in spite of knowing this truth you still procrastinate, why? Inside this Android App You will find the core reasons behind procrastination.

A Preview Of What You Will Learn

What Is Procrastination?

Why You Procrastinate So Much?

The Real Costs Of Procrastination

Make Procrastination Work for You

How To Get Rid Of Procrastination?

33 Anti- Procrastination Habits

Who Is This App For

This App is for all individuals who tend to put things off till the last minute and then feel guilty for not accomplishing their tasks and goals on time. This App could be a procrastination cure for you.

This app is for you if you are struggling to beat your habit of delaying tasks and your habit of procrastination is ruining your career and your life in general. This app is suitable for both chronic and recent procrastinators.

Purpose Of This Educational App

The purpose of this App is to help people like you to get rid of the habit of putting things off which is also referred to as “Procrastination”. Because procrastination has many adverse affects on your personal and professional life therefore, it very crucial for you to beat this habit as soon as possible.

Also the purpose of this educational app is to make people aware of this dangerous habit and its consequences. You will learn what costs you will have to pay if you don’t quit procrastination.

What To Expect From This App

By installing this app you will get all the necessary information about how to stop procrastination. You will learn what actually this habit is, what are causes and trigger of procrastination, what its possible consequences are and how you can beat this habit successfully.

You can expect the well researched and to the point information about procrastination.

So, Take action now and download this app for free, because the time is Now!
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