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Movement is life. ❤ Everyone knows that if you sit a little and move a lot then it's good for your health. Sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to your health. ☠ According to the World Health Organization sedentary lifestyle is even more dangerous than smoking! 🚬 A number of studies confirm the correlation of sedentary lifestyle with obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even some forms of cancer. 🤒

Despite the fact that everyone knows about danger of sedentary lifestyle people are spending more and more time engaged in sedentary works. Intellectual workers spend more than 90% of their working hours by sitting in the office. ⌨

Negative consequences of sedentary lifestyle can be avoided by properly organized daily regime and preventive measures. ☝ Some experts recommend to take short breaks from sedentary work every 20-30 minutes in order to take a walk. ⌛ But many people forget to take such breaks and continue to sit for several hours. 😞

StopSitting is a sitting timer that reminds you when it's time to take a walk. ⏱ This application is ideal for people who decided to get out of sedentary lifestyle. 👍 With StopSitting you can monitor your physical activity and you will always know how long you are sitting already. The app will remind you when it's time to take a break or contrary when you've walked around enough and can sit again. 🚶

Start struggling with sedentary lifestyle together with StopSitting app! 💪 Be more active and stop sitting too much! 😉
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