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 Strange Scary Neighbor Secret 1.0


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You are in the new house where mysteries have happened; people have been attacked in this house of scary town. You cannot trust anyone in this crazy scary world. This is the extreme situation considering that all the crime and strange things are happening around the giant town. You need to be extra alert. Suspicious activities are going on in the city. Keep an eye on your neighbors and people around you in the town. Stay alert of people who are involved in crime activities. This is a strange mystery based game with a lot of dangers or deadly missions, weapons and escape from death. Stay alert of weapons and danger.
You are new in town and you got a strange suspicious dangerous killer neighbor, who is absolutely scary. You need to be cautious that he is up-to something evil, keep an eye on him if he makes any crime catch him. There has been news that his wife died, you have an idea that he might have killed his wife. You need to solve the mystery find out that if he has killed his wife or not. So, you decide to enter the place of danger into your scary neighbor house full of dangers and murderer evil actions, but it’s no longer fun. It’s now a matter of life and death for you as well after his wife’s murder. That scary chap is super hungry and evil he is seeking new flesh to kill and is getting ready for finding his food, and you are commissioned mission based challenging task to steal his mug and favorite watermelon.
This mystery game is all about exploration, puzzles, dangerous dark secrets, and overthrowing a super crazy neighbor who has stolen your peace by spreading the evil and crime; many evil charges have been formed about him over the period of time till you moved in. He is looking to kill you but just tosses you out, scare you and leave you in fear forever. Go and hide somewhere before he comes and reaches you. Try to be extra secretive about it in this ultimate adventure and remain extra cautious if you want to stay alive or else you may have to face some real and serious stab or you may fail in defense of your neighborhood.
Key Features :
1. Addictive Gameplay
2. Smooth and Easy Controls!
3. Mystery based mission, challenging levels
4. Direction map and Hints!
5. Different Scary Tasks to Perform in Evil Neighbor House
6. A storytelling campaign consisting of levels with increasing curiosity
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