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Understanding Window in addition serves as a liaison for the occupants and also important for the circulation of fresh air and allows too light / light of the sun enters into the inner chamber, and it is very important that as a safety space in the interference problem of theft, installation of windows must be believed strong locked when needs to be added as well with additional locking tools again.

Sills is part of the construction of the walls of the building which has the function of the bearing and the seat shutters. The window sills is the link between space and function well for fresh air circulation between the room and the possibility of sun light or light that adds atmosphere to be comfortable and fresh interior.

Type sills can be planned, such as selecting materials in the manufacture of sills, bleak as aluminum, wood, and others. Generally two doors installed at the entrance to the front porch, if the cover is more than two doors usually for a door or window frame that must be considered, among others:

- Ear sills as an amplifier or pair bonding in a brick wall.

- At the time of making the frame to be aware of the type of wood, when diarrhea and pen mounted so fitted lat pull-first order is believed to be strong frame construction and a rectangle.

- Ventilation sills can be made with jalousie or blinds as an important part for the circulation of fresh air.

Thank you and good luck.
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