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 Subway Shiva Cycle 1.2

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How many Cakes can you pick up?
How far you can go?

The Clown found you when you were playing and starts chasing you. So you have to run as fast as you can if you want to survive. But the Clown is smart and has planted many traps on your way that you have to jump over them. There are also trap in this City that can kill you if you hit them!

Also remember that Subway Shiva Cycle have a limited stamina and if you run out of it, you can’t run anymore and the Clown will catch you. So you have to gather items as you run to fill your stamina. Note that you can double jump and using this skill is essential for progressing through the game. Shiva the protagonist keeps searching Super Subway Shiva Cycle.

Whenever you lose, you have a chance to choose between three items. There is a fruit in one of these fruit and if you find it, you are resurrected and can resume the game. But if you fail to find the fruit, you will lose!

Download and play Super Shiva Cycle, and enjoy the games..!!
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