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 Super Adventure of Crash Racing 2.0

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* Super Adventure of Crash Racing - Gameplay

Crash Racing is a racing game in which the player controls characters from the Bandicoot universe, most of whom compete in karts. While racing, the player can accelerate, steer, reverse, brake, hop or use weapons and power-ups with the game controller's analog stick and buttons. Two distinct forms of crates are scattered throughout the tracks and arenas of Crash Team Racing. Crates with question marks (?) on them hold power-ups and weapons, which can be obtained by driving through and breaking apart the said crates. When the player collects a weapon or power-up, it will appear in a box at the top of the screen. The player can activate the weapon or power-up to wreak havoc on the other racers or supplement the player's own performance. "Fruit Crates" carry "Wumpa Fruit" that increase the speed of the player's kart and strengthen the player's weapons and power-ups if ten of them are obtained.

A crucial maneuver in Crash Racing is the power slide; the player executes the slide by holding down one of the shoulder buttons to perform a hop, and steering before the kart lands. While sliding, the "Turbo Boost Meter" on the lower-right corner of the screen fills up and goes from green to red. At the same time, the exhaust gas from the player's kart turns black. To get a speed boost, the player quickly presses the opposite shoulder button while the Turbo Boost Meter is red. The player can execute three speed boosts in a row during a power slide, with the third speed boost being more powerful than the previous two. If the player waits too long into the power slide for a boost, the kart back-fires and the chance for a speed boost is lost; power sliding for too long causes a spin-out. Aside from power slides, speed boosts can be obtained by gathering hang time when leaping over gaps in the track. The longer the player is in the air, the bigger the speed boost will be when the kart lands

* Super Adventure of Crash Racing - Racing Mode
- Adventure Mode
Adventure Mode is the single player portion of the game. First, players must choose one of the eight starting racers including: Bandicoot, Neo, Coco

- Time Trial
Time trial is a single player mode where the player races against the clock to get the best time. If the player gets a fast enough time

- Arcade
Allows the player to quickly race on a selection of tracks against a selection of opponents with up to two players.

- Battle
Up to four players compete in a "Battle Arena" against each other using weapons scattered around the area. Players can compete in teams or have a "free-for-all". There are no computer-controlled racers in Battle.
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