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 Super Boruto Battle Ninja Games 5.0


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The son's of Naruto seventh hokage next generation.
with new challenge and Combined with unbelievable mental and power skills, our ninja will face the ultimate ninja storm challenge.

Game Play

The game boruto battle shinobi striker.

More you beat theme more you gain skills and your power increase.

You have also the option to use some special attacks like he jutsu, the Rasengan or the Susanoo.

Your mission is to beat all ninja blazing heroes like kawaki, momoshiki, Sakura Haruno and challenge the final boss.

Coins systeme allows you to buy more aura for Jinchuriki transformations.

So are you ready to take the shinobi ninja voltage challenge. Do you think you can win the ultimate ninja storm arc?

This game is made by a big naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm fan team for fun purpose. We will appreciate your idea to improve it.

Enjoy the game with every single second time.

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