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 SuperCool Slide Rule HVAC 1.0


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The SuperCool HVAC app provides comprehensive solutions to the most complex problems in the industry. The app provides the user with an interactive experience, possible solutions, on-screen instructions and guides the technician through each step of repair work.
Included in the app is:
Superheat & Subcooling charging of all the popular refrigerants on the market with on screen corrective action including “add refrigerant” or “remove refrigerant” based on the specific conditions entered
Duct sizing & layout calculator for flex, round metal, rectangular and oval
Compressor windings troubleshooter with “acceptable resistance” or “unacceptable resistance”
Conversions for everything HVAC
Capacitor series and parallel installation output values
Airflow troubleshooting for both heating & cooling with acceptable airflow ranges and solutions if airflow is too high or too low
Wet Bulb calculator
Belt Sizing calculator
And much, much more
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