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Welcome to SuperSense. This software is a flying purpose software focusing on showing a customized flying track according to pilot’s desire. The main goal is to let the pilot decide how he/she wants to see the trail history during flight. The pilot can manage the width of the trail according to vario values, as well as the colors associated to the vario change.
This software is the same as the SuperSense (free version). The only difference is that it has Optmized Task route.
Before purchasing this software, please use the free version and check if it works fine.

I have tested on the following phones:
Sony Xperia xz Premium
Sony Xperia z3
Sony Xperia z3+
Samsung S7
Samsung S6

If your phone does not have built in barometer sensor, it is not going to work properly. This program has the possibility to connect via bluetooth to Flytec SensBox and the Blueflyvario. So, if you do not have a built in barometer in you cellphone, it can work with SensBox or Bueflyvario.

Main features:

1) Choose exactly the width of the trail. Some people have limited vision and can only see large tracks. The pilot can chose the min width and max width, as well as the max vario value to reach the maximum width.
2)Choose exactily the trail color according to vario values. The color varies from dark blue (-3m/s); cyan (0m/s); green, yellow and red. The pilot may choose the vario value needed to reach red color. For Strong flying sites, like Quixadá, it is desired to let red color to be 8m/s; in this case, the pilot can notice the color variation during the strong thermal. For weak places, the pilot may choose 4m/s to reach red color. It is possible for the pilot to configure it during flight according to flight conditions.
3)Identify visually in the trail history what points that are at the same barometric altitude that the pilot is right now. This is very interesting when the pilot leaves a thermal but desires to come back to it as fast as possible.
4)Identify the maximum vario value on the screen. Indicating (in meters) if it is above or below the pilot. In addition, there is a 50 meters circle painted around this point:
5)Option to clear track history during flight. The pilot may want to clear track history and leave only the last 30 seconds. This is useful when the condition changes considerably or when the history is so long that makes it difficult to visualize recent track.
6)GC replay: There is an option to choose an IGC file and replay it in order configure the trail. If the pilot wants to configure the trail graphic, theres no need to do it during flight. The software behavior is going to be the same as if it was really flying. Theres no need to copy .igc files to specific folders, all igc files that are in the phone will be listed to be selected.
7)Option to draw a line that fits the 5 best points on the screen (considering higher vario values)
8)Configure waypoints on the screen. Choose a waypoint file (.cup format) easily. There is no need to copy the file to a specific folder in the cellphone. Just download it to any folder and it will be available to be chosen inside SuperSense. The waypoints on the screen has two informations: a) L/d (glide ratio) necessary to reach the waypoint; b) Distance (in km) to reach the waypoint.
9)Configure race to goal task. This is not the main objetictive of the software, but it may be usefull in case the main flght instruments fails. There is no optimized route, but the idea is to use it as a backkup task during competition.

This is a beta and free version, and there might be some bugs. If you find any problem, please contact me at
Test it a lot before using it to fly. If this software works for you, latter I will publish a payed version.
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