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Surah Al Mulk (Arabic: الملك) is the 67th sura in the Qur'an. This sura belongs to surah 'makkiyah' which consists of 30 verses. Named Al Mulk because of Al Mulk's words found in the first verse of this chapter. which means 'Government'. This letter is also called 'At Tabaarak' meaning Glory.
Surah Al Mulk is the sura of peace and security, as it will be the savior and the abode of the grave to its readers.
Surah Mulk should be read aloud by making reading the practice of everyday life. The Ulama said: "The Messenger of Allaah 'Alaihi Wasallam will not come together but after reading Surah As Sajadah and surah Al Mulk."

Generally, this surah tells a lot about the power of God for His creatures. This is clearly illustrated from this chapter, al-Mulk, which means 'government'. At the beginning of the surah, this verse is told of the perfection of this natural creation, which has no flaws.
Allah has created this universe from the beginning of nothing to the present and thus safeguarding this world with complete perfection. God has the power to create and kill something according to His will.
The following verses tell the torment in hell, where every human being was thrown into the fire of hell, the guardian angel asked, "Have not anyone come to warn you?" "Yes, but we belie it." That's their response.
Let's see in our daily lives. Do we often reject the call to do good? If so, try to check the faith, hopefully we will not be included in the group who will regret in the hereafter.
And in summary, the next verses relate the power of God who knows the hidden things, the power to create birds flying in space, and the power to give and to sustain our sustenance. God is furious to those who deny it, though it is clear proof of his existence and power.

Murottal Surah Al Mulk from Mishari Rashid al Afasy, Abdur Rahman as Sudais, and Saad Said Al Ghamidi.

here we provide offline murottal mp3 Surah Al Mulk from world famous qori, so we will feel very comfortable and touched when we hear it, such as Mishari Rashid al Afasy, Abdur Rahman as Sudais, and Saad Said Al Ghamidi. we also provide texts in Arabic, latin script and are also available in Urdu Language, so we can easily understand the meaning of the verses of al-quran.

So, Read the Qur'an and Its meaning is more complete here. and do not forget rate and comments so we are more excited to update this app and create other useful apps. thank you.
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