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Many people complain that they simply don’t have enough time...

All of us are busy living our lives, working, taking care of our own needs and oftentimes we just run out of time and die without ever achieving our dreams. Scary, isn't it?

And all of us are exchanging our time for something that we want to receive in return. For instance, making money to support our life style. We actually spend our time to earn money and, once we become somewhat rich, we are spending money to buy our time back by purchasing goods and services from other people. Doesn't it sound like a vicious circle?

Time is the most precious resource on our planet!

Now imagine the World without currency where everybody is equal and possibilities are endless when you exchange your precious time with other people. Service for Service. No payment!

Our simple app allows you to swap your time with other people in your neighborhood and around the globe.

Download our app and learn today what kind of services other people offer, swap your time with them and get your life back!

Instructions on How To Use the App:

Click on the Menu button in the top right hand side corner, then click on My Page. You will be instructed to log in using your Facebook account (we don’t collect any information other than your name). Once logged in, clicking on Buy Time button allows you to search for services other users posted according to the settings you specified (category and geo location). Those can be chosen by clicking on Settings. Sell Time allows you to post your service by taking a picture (it has to be a live picture by design), select a category, specify description, and set a # of hours you are willing to offer as your service.

Example is: “Offering 10 hours of piano lessons in exchange for 10 hours of painting” or “I am offering 5 hours of massage service in exchange for 7 hours of gardening”. Get creative with a description as number of characters are restricted (also by design).

If you like somebody’s service, you can match it by typing in the number of hours and clicking Bid. If you want to negotiate, you can submit a lower number and hope that your offer will be accepted. It is that simple, find services, bid on them, and chat with the person once your offer has been accepted.

You can see the status of your listings and other people’s listings you bid on by visiting My Page.

Happy Time Swapping…
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