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 Tachobook Tachograph 0.1.03

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The program is designed for truck drivers in order not to keep the logbook and have all the working information in your phone. A brief description of the workflow: presses the GO button, selects the start country and starts the total time counter (most recent). When driving a vehicle, we press the DRIVING button, for all subsequent processes we press the corresponding button (BED, HAMMERS, SQUARE). At the end of the working day we press the FINISH button (which stops the total working time counter), we save all processes in the calendar by pressing the PLUS button and selecting the corresponding square in the calendar. Pressing the SETTINGS button selects the alarm clock that we want to signal when we stand on a pause, to turn off the alarm clock we need to click on the dial and zeroing of any counter occurs by pressing and holding a couple of seconds of the dial. When for example you enter data into the calendar yourself, Entering more than 9 hours of driving, the corresponding square will be green, then you already have 10. When entering more than 13 hours of total time, the square in the calendar will be green, then there is 15. When you were driving for 4 hours program give you a reminder in the form of a sound signal and blinking red dial. If your total time counter is 5 hours 30 minutes then the application will remind you that you need to make a minimum pause. I hope this application will help you. Good luck and patience on the roads.
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