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 Taoist exercises 1.0

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The app describes 24 exercises that are performed in the morning and present complex hygiene movement for all muscle groups in combination with massage. The proposed exercises are suitable for both men and women of any age.

Before beginning gymnastics is recommended to sit quietly with eyes half closed, producing some stretching and breathing movements and think of something pleasant for you.

It is desirable that the room where the gymnastics are performed previously been aired. The number of repetitions of exercises, the duration of the latter, the rate of motion and the amplitude are determined depending on the individual characteristics of dealing with his age and health. The specified number of repetitions is only an approximate.

All the exercises (except 23th and 24th) are held in the starting position - sitting cross-legged, so that is was comfortable for the practitioner and to allow him to concentrate on performing the exercises. You can engage in and just sitting on a chair. If you can sit in half lotus or full lotus - fine, but that is not necessary.

Breathing should be arbitrary, easy, without delay and deep as possible. Exercises can be repeated in whole or in part in the afternoon, after a nap or rest.

Value exercises is that they are simple in structure, their performance does not give large load. In addition they are easy to personalize. At the same time they are quite dynamic, and involved with massage movements to work large muscle groups, although the amplitude of these movements is not big.

The number of repetitions of each exercise is specified as minimum, but sufficient to maintain health. In brackets is given the desired number of repetitions for maximum effect.

Double tap stylized exercises description if it's hard for you to read text. You will see message box with normal text or voice message.
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