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Tapkins is a FREE English Word Typing and Spelling App for Preschoolers (ages 4 years and up) and young children of all learning abilities. We help children learn how to SPELL THROUGH TYPING on our custom-built touchscreen QWERTY keyboard made for early learning.

The app is designed to improve early typing, spelling and word recognition skills through progressive digital interaction with images, letters, sound and a custom-built touchscreen QWERTY keyboard.

Our typing and spelling exercises seek to promote the following:

1) Word Recognition by Typing - Support early word recognition by systematically repeating and reinforcing the order and combination of letters through our custom-built keyboard.
2) Vocabulary Expansion - Library of word books (20+ books with 100+ words and growing) provides preschoolers with a wide range of age appropriate topics to choose and learn from.
3) Spelling & Pronunciation - Sequential alphabet training in word formation combined with audio recordings assists in linking word spelling with pronunciation.
4) Typing & Matching - Encourages letter matching exercises while focusing on improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination through progressive typing training on our custom-built keyboard.
5) Learning by Elimination - Encourages the development of word concepts and recognition through exercises that employ simple processes of elimination.
6) Image & Word Association - Core premise of our offering is to reinforce the meaning of words against relevant images or graphical representations.

Use our App to Supplement and Enhance your existing spelling, reading and vocabulary activities:
1) Flashcard training - use our app for word revisions
2) Storytime recall - book character and item name recall

Other important features:
1) Progressive learning - Move from Assisted Typing (Level 1) to Independent Spelling (Level 7)
2) Monitor Improvement - Parents can monitor child's improvement by reviewing the typing/spelling accuracy, time spent and new words learned.
3) Gifting - Children stay engaged and get rewarded with in-game gifts for time spent on app.

About Us

Our Vision is to create new opportunities for all children to communicate and express themselves better. Our Mission is to help preschoolers and kids of all learning abilities master current communication tools early starting with keyboarding.
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