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1. キーワード、現在地、会社名・時給・日時でより詳細な検索ができます。
2. 検索情報・応募履歴などを保存し、バイト情報をキープもできます。
3. 短期バイト、スポットバイトなどの派遣会社の仕事情報もいっぱいです。
4. 手続はスムーズにできる。履歴書等はモバイルで添付することができ、たまに面接もオンラインで行うことができます。さらに履歴書は自動的に加わっていきます。
5. 当日の日報・日々の売り上げの管理が可能となります。
6. 暇な日・忙しい日等をメモして行くスケジュールがあります。
7. 仕事情報をソーシャルメディアをもってシェアーできます。
8. 仕事情報のメールを自分の希望に合わせて調節ができます。


T-Baito mobile application is developed by Tab Solution LL.C in Japan. The mobile apps provides latest and free jobs of part time, temporary and short-term basis to job seekers in Japan.
Unemployers, students, foreigners in Japan faces some difficulties to do jobs, because of the complicated procedure and requirements. At the same time, Japan faces a problem of a great lack of labour force. Hopefully, this software can solve these issues making a comfortable labour market where employee and job seekers meet without any difficulties.

This app covers a wide range of jobs from short term to regular and serve as a tool to arrange your work time and salary, schedule. Also the job seekers are able to make a private profile, save all the history of jobs and print out the CV.

The Mobile app interfaces with English, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese. It is on the way to work in 25 languages furthermore.

More features are :
1. Job Searching on keywords, position, company name, locations. Look for job vacancies nearby with GPS search function
2. Many offers of 1 day-job, short-term job.
3. Upload necessary document and picture online mobile. Possible to interview with employers online.
4. Save search history, job informations and all of the registration of companies. Make your own CV automatically with the saved history.
5. View and check daily salary, work time.
6. Arrange your busy days, free days with schedule.
7. Share job vacancies with social media tools.
8. Avoiding to send the spam mails.

1. We use your location info to check if you arrived or not to workplace, and if you came to right place. Also knowing your location, we can show you direction on the map.
2. We use your picture, mobile phone, home address, and request to upload your residence card to confirm your identity correctly and contact in emergency.
3. We are under law relating to Privacy information. So we don’t use your private info any other things.

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