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Lets be human again ! with a touch of ourselves in the way we communicate again. Never has humanity had such power over itself , yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely. Sometimes the very technology that connects us , Divides us !! technology is capable of doing great things, but it doesn't want to do great things with our application it is possible to get back to connecting us , in the most humane way. It is no longer a text communication. its time to bring people together in all way possible.

Social networking applications have one goal, that is to connect people around the with a single click. And what better way to do that than videos. A platform where its not only about reading comments of what people write on your Facebook or Instagram posts, When everything is visual on any social networks , why to just stop there when even comments and likes can be visualised. We are the first of its kind application to remove the manual txt commenting platform and replace it with reactions

As we take a step ahead of sharing photos to sharing videos , we also want to see what others think of it in the form of reactions which is the first of its kind. The driving force of Social Media is the Human Interaction which has been missing for over a decade over the internet! Our aim is to bring the level of Human Interaction back to the social media market. What better way to do it than videos. Our aim is to remove the manual text commenting platform and replace it with video reactions. Moving a step ahead from posting photos, its the time for videos to take over with the most personalised content that the user would like to share across the globe and to be viewed by one and all.

For the first time , we give every users a chance to be what they want or who they want to be over a social network. It is not necessary to be a video content maker", With teazer we provide the users an opportunity to be who they are or what they want to be over a social network unlike any other .
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