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Teleste Commander is a service terminal application for Android smartphones and tablets. It is the answer to our customers’ wishes for improved usability and local management via a personal mobile device. Teleste Commander supports wireless connectivity over AC6901 Bluetooth adapter. USB cable connection is also supported but depends on Android device hardware.

Release 1.12.5 supported devices:

- AC3000 amplifier
- AC3010 amplifier
- AC3200 amplifier
- AC3210 amplifier
- AC8700 node
- AC8710 node
- AC8800 node
- AC8810 node
- AC9000 node
- AC9100 node
- ACE2 amplifier
- ACE3 amplifier
- ACE8 node
- DAN200 remote PHY node
- E3 amplifier
- E61 RIS module for E3

Release History:

[26.10.2017] 1.12.5
- New 'Smart, Safe and Smooth' UI style
- Added support for:
* AC9100 2nd gen ("NEO") RPD ready node
* E3 amplifier
* E61 RIS module
- Updated software update files
- Multiple UI layout changes
- Bug fixes

[31.03.2017] 1.11.1
- DAN200 initial release
- Auto align settings are now always accessible on device supporting it
- Updated user manuals for AC3010, AC3210, AC8710, AC8810, AC9100, ACE3 and ACE8
- Updated SW update packages for AC3010 (1.5.5), AC3210 (1.5.5), AC8710 (4.5.4), AC8810 (4.4.5) and ACE2 (1.4.55)

[08.03.2017] 1.8.1
- ACE3/AC3x10:
*Added support for new Return path module AC6257
- AC3x10:
*Added support for detectable TXS016 and TXX1G2 plugins
- Plugin-page (Nodes):
*Fixed improper Diplex Filter status coloring in certain "Unknown" cases
- RIS-page:
*Fixed issue where RIS info could not be saved due "MAC address not set" even if MAC address is properly set
*Fixed issue where Controller ID would always be shown as zero

[02.02.2017-alpha] 1.8.0
- Several cases fixed related to ACE2 and AC8810.

[19.09.2016] 1.7.9
- ReturnPath: IngressControl is disabled if RIS transponder is plugged
- AlignmentSettings-page(AC3x10&ACE3): bug-fix
- Editable DIPLEX FILTER passive fields for AC9100

[07.09.2016-beta] 1.7.6
- AC3210 & AC3010:
* Support for auto recognisable universal plugins
- AlignmentSettings-page (AC3x10&ACE3):
* Return path boost option available (device SW version >= 1.4.0)

[18.08.2016] 1.7.5
- ACE2, AC3210 and AC3010 support
- RIS public release
- AC9100: Added support for new return path routing backup modes
- Plug-ins page for passive configuration
- Experimental USB cable support (requires USB OTG cable & Host mode supporting device)

[29.06.2015] 1.5.4
- ACE3, AC8710, AC8800 and AC9100 support
- AC3000 and AC3200 support

[16.04.2015] 1.3.2
- AC8700 support

[26.02.2015] 1.2.0
- AC9000 support

[14.06.2014] 1.0.0
- ACE8 support
- First public release in Google Play
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