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Are you a big football fan that loves to play fun and exciting games?
Choose your favorite football club, join forces with your friends and fight together for the territory domination on the real map of your city, country and the world.

Teritorio is a free, multiplayer strategy sports game for passionate football fans who are looking for extra action beyond a classic football challenge.

Join a clan of friends, attack and challenge your opponents, shoot football penalty kicks, score goals, defend your territories with timeouts and power-ups, earn diamond and gold, upgrade football stadium, store and skill levels to be the Teritorio champion.

Do you want to be a leading fan of your football club in the whole world?
Do you want to create a clan and prove to everyone how passionate you are?
Do you want to shoot penalty kicks to destroy opponent’s stadiums to the ground?
Do you want to create a gold making machine out of your team?
Do you want to manage the territory of your country in a real life online map?
If your answer is "yes", Teritorio is just the game for you!

Key features:

★ Conquer territories on a global map for the football club you love. Be the leader in your street, city, country and the world!
★Score goals by shooting football penalty kicks. TIP: Surprise your opponents with crazy unexpected action attacks!
★ Join a clan of real football fans and share the game with friends. TIP: Use chat social feature to develop tactical plans of attack on enemy clan. Be the most powerful football fan clan in the game!
★Upgrade your football stadium levels to build a strong defence and protect your gold!
★Upgrade your football fan store levels to earn gold! Sell football match tickets, shirts, footwear and extra sports fan gear. TIP: Protect your gold fan stores with extra strong football stadiums!
★ Win a Competition cycle and enter the Teritorio Hall of fame! TIP: If you join the game late in the cycle, don't worry - a new cycle will begin soon and you can be the champion!
★NEW: Player challenge! Challenge other real players to action duels by shooting penalty kicks! Score more goals and win other player's gold!
★NEW: Club chat! Chat with all fans that love the same club as you. Share opinions, impressions and create a domination strategy on a global level.
★NEW: Player stadiums and fan stores! Upgrade your profile stadium and fan store to earn extra gold. Best feature is that other players cannot attack them!

★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teritoriogame
★ Instagram: https://instagram.com/teritoriogame
★ Twitter: https://twitter.com/teritoriogame

We would love to hear from you. If you have any issues or suggestions regarding the Teritorio game, message us at: https://www.facebook.com/teritoriogame/
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