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Standardized tests are not much fun but, for students who hope to study in the United States, they are an essential fact of life. The SAT, ACT and similar exams are the gateway to academic achievement. Motivated by this simple truth, the creators of Test Me! asked themselves three fundamental questions: What is truly the most effective way to prepare for these life-changing exams? How can one determine the most essential content for each exam? What is the path of greatest efficiency in test preparation? Taken together, these three questions constitute the cornerstone of the Test ME! system.

Test Me! is a truly universal test app. It was designed by international leaders in education, who have devoted their careers to helping students extract the greatest benefit from their precious study hours. The app focuses on key concepts and “efficient learning.” We want exam takers to spend the least amount of time mastering the greatest quantity of useful content. We know from long experience that more study time does not alwayts yield better results. In fact, more time can be a student’s worst enemy.
We believe Test Me! establishes a new standard of efficiency. Students Will spend less time and achieve better results than those who employ traditional study methods. Our questions are based on critical knowledge, not on past exams. All of our questions are original.

Best of all, Test Me! is free. Every student will have an equal chance of cracking the tests. The billions that are spent every year on test prep can be used to create better schools, to write better books and to respond to other critical educational needs. We believe that academic opportunity should depend on brains, effort and commitment, rather than money.

Visit Us: www.testme.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TestMeEdtech/
Youtube: https://youtu.be/gafdjPOAzv8
Contact Us: contact@testme.com
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