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The Guitarists' Scales & Modes is a breakdown of essential scales and modes for guitarists; providing fretboard illustrations, background and usage information, and famous song and riff examples!

An essential tool for any guitarist, and a great introduction to playing modes on the guitar.

- 7 Common Scales: Major / Natural Minor / Harmonic Minor / Melodic Minor / Major Pentatonic / Minor Pentatonic / Minor Blues Pentatonic.

- 7 Modes: Ionian / Dorian / Phrygian / Lydian / Mixolydian / Aeolian / Locrian.

- 5 Other Scales: Chromatic / Lydian b7 / Diminished / Altered / Augmented.

- Fretboard positions for both E and A roots (swipe slider).

- Scale / Mode info: Note intervals (whole step, half step, etc), notes in the key of C.

- Usage information and chord suggestions.

- Key examples - famous songs, riffs and solos using each scale / mode.

Version 2.0

- Redesigned and completely rebuilt from the ground up, featuring a brand new UI.

- Additional song, riff and solos added

- Expanded library of scales and examples

- Improved app performance and general bug fixes
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