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Do you love playing with a friend on a single device? Then you are in the right place, because The Hand Slap is the ultimate hand slap gaming experience that you always wanted to have. As you start the game, you will get to choose various hand colors such as green, yellow, purple, pink, red, blue or white. This adds you a great way to customize your experience, all while enabling you to differentiate your hand from your competitor.

- How to play The Hand Slap?

To play, you need to have a friend with you. Each one of the players will stay on the side of that phone or tablet. The first player will attack, the second one will defend. In order to attack, you need to press the button, and the defender will have to press his button fast as well, all to pull the hand away and avoid any potential slap.

Whenever the second player gets to avoid a slap, he will become the attacker. In case the defender retreats his hand 4 times, A lock will be placed near the attacker. In this situation, the attacker will either complete the slap or press the lock. In case the lock is pressed, a chain will be used to get the hand of that defender, and a hit will be offered here.

- How can you win the game?

All you have to do to win in The Hand Slap is to reach 10 points in order to win. The attacker has 10 seconds to complete the attack. Both him and the defender need to complete their task without failure 10 times to win. The gameplay is very interesting, and since you get to have the competitor right in front of you, this can end up leading to lots of laughs and plenty of fun.

- Why should you play The Hand Slap?

This is a fun little game that’s all about having fun and enjoying a unique, delightful gaming experience. Not only is The Hand Slap suitable for boys and girls alike, but it can also be played by older people as well. Everyone can enjoy the fun, exciting gameplay and the rush to get 10 points will surely excite you all the time.
The primary benefit of playing The Hand Slap is that you can test as well as improve your response time. Plus, the game is very addicting, and you always get to challenge your friend in a battle of seeing who is faster.

If you love action, dexterity and skill-based games, then check out The Hand Slap right now. Play it with your friends and immerse yourself in the ultimate battle!


• Simple rules, hard to master
• Get 10 points to win
• No violence, suitable for all ages
• Simple, great graphics
• Unique soundtrack
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