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 The Land of Alembrume 2.44

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Your character is a young boy, who lives peacefully in Lugdunia village, in the kingdom of Aldoran. He is an orphan since his parents were killed during a recent war against another kingdom. They were peasants and always thought their son would follow the tradition... but your character is more attracted to adventure and battles!

His journey begins with the kidnapping of his beloved girlfriend, which is going to lead him far away from home to investigate before eventually rescuing her. On his journey, he will meet wise people, who will teach him the art of fighting, he will find amazing items and become much stronger.

You will explore about 50 maps and interact with many people. There is a main quest and two small side quests to get bonus items and information. You can also find a couple of hidden valuables if you seek them out.

Thieves, flames, and many things ! Enjoy !

- Player Movement - Virtual d-pad in bottom left corner (mobile since 2.14, enhanced in 2.15)
- Perform Action - X button
- Perform Attack/Use Item - Y button
- Change Inventory - press icon in the upper left corner
- Save - accessed from the "MENU"
- Quit - press "BACK" (<) several times

- Same with SELECT for "Compass" and A for inventory
- left handed mode
- mobile/locked d-pad
- mute musics (you'll make me sad !)

Visit for more informations.
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