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The Ogress, an interactive adventure in which the selfish and capricious princess Occidiane causes a whole lot of trouble for her two fairy godmothers.

One day, a princess named Occidiane was born…Two fairies were asked to become her godmothers and as we all know fairy godmothers always bestow blessings upon princesses. And so, Occidiane was not only given wealth but also guaranteed that she would grow up in a country where life would always be pleasant and food plentiful. Her parents, the king and queen gave into all of her whims. She lived her life from one extravagant desire to the next but it soon became terribly boring! And how do you think Occidiane remedied her boredom? She ate. She devoured hundreds of hamburgers! However, in a children’s book, having such a voracious appetite when one is a princess AND an ogress has devastating effects on the well being of our beloved planet!
At the end of the first part of the story when living on Earth has become almost impossible, the reader is asked a question which can be answered in three different ways. Which one will they pick?
The Ogress is an allegorical tale for children aged 6 years and onwards.

After A Tale Off the Top of My Head and Thomas’ Travels in Bookland, La Souris Qui Raconte presents The Ogress a story set in a completely different world to its two previous digital book releases.

This free abbreviated version will give you an idea of the story.
If you enjoyed the first chapter, you can purchase the whole story!

Some reasons that will make you love this new interactive story:

- An original story in which a chocolate crazed princess, two disappointed fairy godmothers and a caring cook offer three possible endings for the question raised by the storyteller.
- Interactive animated illustrations.
- Between 30 and 45 min of fun.
- Available in 2 languages: English and French.
- A way to experience the story that can be either silent or read by a storyteller.

This book is part of the “To Play” collection by La Souris Qui Raconte, which can be
identified by the hand symbol in the right corner of the icon.

La Souris Qui Raconte publishes original works that are 100% digital, adapted for
web reading as well as e-book readers and makes reading fun! The company
distinguishes itself in the publishing world by setting previously unpublished stories
in an imaginative graphic world. Its collections will appeal to parents who are eager to
find responsible digital literature for their children aged between 5 and 10 years old.

Find out more about La Souris Qui Raconte

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Via Facebook : http://www.lasourisquiraconte/facebook

And via Twitter : @LSQR_FP

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