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 The Squad Pro 1.0

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad



This FULL version includes access to all characters with their unique capabilities and weaponry.

The Squad is the hottest and most advanced tower defense game available. We at Atari Games International have created The Squad for you with loads of good guys, and plenty of bad guys too.

Your mission is to save civilization by using the right weapons and soldiers to destroy the world’s most unsavory and dangerous characters.

Follow Sgt. Alexander as he attempts to stop the bad guys who are trying to take over the world. Use the latest weaponry to engage the enemy in modern warfare, and protect civilization from the wrath of the baddies. Enlist the help of Cpt. Charlotte, N.A.T.H.A.N, Punk Gurl, Agent Delgado and many more unlikely heroes.

You have everything you need to get the job done. Snipers, mounted gunners, surface to air missiles, ice towers and flame throwers are all at your disposal.

Fight enemies all over the world in hostile environments. Battle in the forests, clash in the desert and war over ice-capped mountains.

Decide your strategy, pick your troops according to your battles, and most importantly, win the war to save the world!
* Grueling defence battles
* Sharpshooters to flame throwers
* Upgradable weapons
* Variety of characters with unique capabilities
* Air units available
* 24 unique and stunning battlegrounds
* Snipers with long range capability
* Beautiful graphics
* Land mines to thwart your enemies’ path
* Hours of entertainment

In-app purchases allow you to choose more powerful weapons to help you on your vital mission.

Enjoying the game? Why not play with one of your friends anywhere in the world with our online multiplayer capability.

Available for iPhone and iPad.

Congratulations, and best of luck with your mission.

“The Squad is totally awesome. I love how you can lay land mines and call in an airstrike when you need it most. This game is hours of fun and I can’t stop playing it. I’m totally hooked on it.”

-- Calvin R.
Indian Wells, CA.


The Squad comes from the creators of Duck Boy Adventures and Duck Boy Pro.

Because of your outstanding support, we have created this much-awaited new Tower Defense game for you.

We love games, and we make digital products for the Now Generation. As such, we always welcome your feedback.

Find us and connect with us here:
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