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Redmorph has created The Ultimate Privacy Solution that seamlessly integrates four critical technology blocks to provide you with the best proactive protection for your Android device. The app provides four key functions controlled automatically by our advanced algorithms running in the background:

1. Intelligent Security Firewall
2. Real-time Network Monitoring
3. Anti-tracking Protection
4. SpyderWeb Awareness

The solution proactively and comprehensively blocks cyber tracking and threats to you and your device. Our intelligent algorithms identify and block suspicious background activity behind apps such as trackers, malicious cookies, malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, and more before they can harm you.

Our values emphasize trust and transparency, and so does our promise:
• We don’t track you.
• We don’t collect your personal information.
• We don’t sellout to advertisers & data brokers.
• We will provide you the most comprehensive and effective privacy and security solution available.

Malware attacks, monitoring & tracking user activity, and theft of your most precious and confidential personal information on your mobile device have become a sad fact of life. You would be shocked to learn how extensive and pervasive it is. We want to stop that.

That’s why we created The Ultimate Privacy Solution - the most comprehensive and effective defense against cyber tracking and threats to you and your mobile device.

Our proprietary technology actively monitors all background and incoming/outgoing network activity: at the device level, at the Android operating system level, and for every network connection made by the apps you use and the sites you visit.

When you download the Redmorph app, you immediately experience what we call “The Redmorph Effect”:

1. Privacy - No more worrying about who is tracking you and what personal information is being stolen and sold, and no more threat of espionage or tracking from unknown and foreign entities. We apply privacy filters for eight categories of trackers. Our Recon technology actively crawls app and web ecosystems and downloads the latest tracker definitions and app settings daily to your device.

2. Security - Our triple-layer firewall - hardened and tested - proactively protects against malware, ransomware, adware, trojans, phishing, and malicious background activity from downloading onto your devices and causing you grief.

3. Performance - Because our technology blocks an exorbitant amount of unnecessary, unwanted, and unsafe connections, there is a huge reduction in data hitting your mobile which translates into improved device performance, lower data costs, and a longer battery life.

4. Control - Our SpyderWeb awareness suite allows you to clearly see the tracking and background activity behind every app. No other app in the world gives you such a robust set of tools to control that. You can simply ‘set it and forget it’, letting our intelligent algorithms do the work in the background, or you can fine tune settings for each app and even control each network connection.

We are on a mission to restore your online privacy and provide an internet experience without fear or consequence. We want you to have the freedom, safety, and peace of mind while using your apps or browsing and that you have always wanted but have never experienced.

Redmorph. Privacy Matters.
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