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Welcome to "The Wallpaper Designer"

This is an App to render/generate wallpaper-png's in high-resolution!
You have complete control over lots of settings to create unique abstract wallpapers!

What is cool about this ?
The rendering is based on a lot of randomized math algorithms. You will never ever get the same Wallpaper again!...Nobody else will have the exact same wallpaper! Every rendered wallpaper is unique, though it has a special distinctive "look"...but if you look at the details, it is a fingerprint!

Learn more about this "magic" here:
And join the Google+ Community to get latest infos...and HowTo's about this App :

Short introduction (the easy stuff):
...there are 5 Buttons:
- "The Dice" will start a new rendering
- "Set Wallpaper" will directly set the Wallpaper in your Launcher
- "Save" will save the current wallpaper to sdcard ../Pictures/WallpaperDesigner
- "Settings" ...go play with the settings....there is no detailed description of the different you have to "play" with them to figure out how it unlimited possibilities :-) It doesn't take a genius ;-) Go have some fun playing with the different settings! :-)
- in the Menu (3 dots) "Save (with gear)" will save the current wallpaper to sdcard ../Pictures/WallpaperDesigner
....and it will save the settings you used for this wallpaper ( you can restore them later)....try sliding in from the left of the screen....)

...this APP is not for you, if you're expecting a simple user interface !!!
...this APP needs A LOT of willing to experiment with all the different settings!!!
But if you got into this (and this will take lots of time), you will have almost unlimited ways of creating your own unique abstract wallpapers.

In-App-Billing for Premium Version!
The Free Version has all features and is absolutely the same as the Premium Version!
...BUT the Free Version has a small watermark at the top of the rendered can easily remove it (...with the gallery App for example --> cutting tool).

Why this APP?
Well...perhaps you know my other Apps?! ...Live Wallpapers...!?
I was always using "google picture search" to find new abstract backgrounds. But after some time it did not come up with the stuff I like, or maybe I didn't like the colors, or the images were low resolution... and so on... ... the results were not satisfying...

So, where do I get new unique wallpapers???

An idea for this App was born!

So when I started, I developed this mostly for myself and had no intention to publish this!
But after some time this App reached a state, worth publishing it!
I know this is not easy stuff... it is not intuitive, it is not fancy material design, some people will struggle to use it....BUT if you give yourself some time and get into is pure mighty, and it will render absolute great and stunning wallpapers!

So..... Have fun...! ..... I hope you like this!

Please follow me on Google+ :
You will also find lots of free, high-res wallpapers made (by me) by this App over there!
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