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 ThePaw Racing Rescue : World challenge 1.0

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Amazing game righ now . It’s paw patrol games . top rescue run and free in 2017 so be ready to download it .
It’s full of enjoyment . best game for all ages and also the race fans .
Play with your favorite pup characters and do your effort to do the best score and collect more coins and toyger .
Collect more power ups , rescue run and take the flight with the pups mission adventure in 2017 .
Challenge yourself and your friend to enjoy the game and make it so real with the amazing poodle .
Try to play with zuma and rescue boat and others heros to enjoy the game like a leader .and rescue run.
So the game it’s all about racing using cars in diffrent worlds pet with many characters and heros with the amazing poodle.
Actually there are 4 worlds : jungle world , desert world , volcano word , and south pol world . rescue run with the amazing poodle and labrador famous dog .lik in the patrulla and also canina.
About the characters there are so many pet heros like the heros in pups:
Rubble the hero hwo can repare anything now he is ready to race with you and show you his power , he can take the flight and race with a high speed .
Skye the other girl hero she can fly too but it’s more beautiful to be used by the girls pet racers with the best pink color , now she can complete its mission with you and race in the wonderfuls worlds jungle , desert , patrol , also in the wonderfum south pol it’s a so amzing snow world where you can show your power , challende yourself , jump and run with the maximum speed like a hero and also like a doggy .
Also there is the so amazing pup hwo is calling the best hero in like chihuahua . the history its chase the powerful hero hwo can find solution to all your needs , just ask and collect more coins and pet do your job as leader blaze and you will find him as a speed dogs racers . but you have to collect a lot of coins and doggy to buy that hero because he need more power to do his job , try to be the best one between the other runners and why not to be the one hwo will complete the journey and race and finish the track .
The chef of the group is the sweet boy that every hero like is ryder the best racer man hwo can use the motor or the car speed to finish the challenge .
So your chihuahua mission there is to take the flight with those all heros and doggy and challenger kids and pups to live a wonderful moment : try to play with chase and others players and racers .it’s like a zoo game also like animals game there are also an other character like rio and the super tiger to make the best game just for you , and toyger just for the fan of this wonderful race experience like a bob .
How to play the pups game :
- Download and install the game in your phone or tablette .
- Run it every time you feel happy and start playing .
- Try to collect more bones
- Choose one of the worlds in the game : jungle world , desert and other south pol snow world .
- Choose one of the characters : collect more coins to unlock one by one and try there powers .
- Race and use all the power ups to help your master the game and make it working for you .
- Controll the car and Try to collect more bones
- don’t let the other racers kill you by there power ups too , there are so dangerous too .
- Try to collect more bones
- Share the game with your friends and your family and help us sharing our amazing game and make it so famous we will be so thanful :D
- Rate us with 5 stars if you like the game and tell us what you feel when playing
- Tell us if you don’t like too . we will love you comment .


- So much scenes: jungle, desert, volcano, south pol world, super world
- Addictive game-play
- Amazing graphics
- Addictive gameplay
- Challenging level design .
- Fun for all ages
- amazing world . with chihuahua.
- super world Beautiful graphics .
- a lot of levels to play.
- Beautiful graphics and control
- Many challenging levels contested .
- Try to get highscore
Download now and enjoy the game.
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