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What is TherapyChat?
TherapyChat helps you to improve your happiness. When something worries you, you are anxious or unhappy; your relationship is not going well, your self-esteem is low, or you need to solve your doubts and overcome your worries, the support of one of our 100 licensed therapists is the solution.
TherapyChat is a high quality online therapy service that allows you to chat with your psychologist and coach from 09:00 to 21:30, from wherever you are, when you need it, in an accessible, private, anonymous and comfortable way,
Our clients have already discovered that it is possible to work to be happier and thrive. You can also live better with our service, in a healthier and more rewarding way for you. Trust. Now is the time. Let us help you.

Who are the Therapists?
The professional group of Psychologists is composed of men and women with different areas of specialization, which allows us to offer you help in practically any type of case. All psychologists are professional licensed therapists who are able to provide psychological attention either because they are General Sanitary Psychologists or Psychologists Specialists in Clinical Psychology, with their corresponding insurance of Civil Responsibility, and registration number in their corresponding official association.

How does TherapyChat Work?
When you register you can talk to one of the coaches who will understand your situation and explain the service. You can then purchase any of the plans that we offer. After purchasing the plan that interests you, the coach will assign you the therapist who best suits your needs and after the assignment you will begin your therapy.

How many sessions can I have?
The chat with your Psychologist is always open, 24 hours a day, so whenever you want you can access and write messages without any limit. The Psychologist connects daily to talk to you in case you require it. On average, patients usually talk more than 10 hours a month with their therapist throughout the month.

How much does it cost?
The service has an affordable price of €96 for the whole month via chat with your therapist, who understands and helps you progress. The plan includes 4 sessions of 60 minutes each one (video chat or chat).

Is it effective?
Some studies determine that online chat therapy is at least as effective as traditional therapy, and in some cases more. The greatest advantage derives from the possibility of having a more accessible communication with the therapist so that you can explain as much as you need when you want.

Is TherapyChat Safe?
Security and privacy are priorities for us. We have implemented the high security measures so your information is safe and confidential.

ThrapyChat, is Your Online Therapist. Let us help you feel better.

You are always welcomed to contact us.
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